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MOOV Vibration Foot Massage Walking Shoes Without Battery To Improve Blood Circulation by Vibrating for Men, Women, Lady, Children, Kids of All Uses Such As Health Function, Casual, Dress, Sports, Run

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New Paradigm of Shoes Industry!
If you start walking, foot massage starts!

Vibration Massage Walking Shoes - MOOV

The moment with MOOV, you won’t put on other shoes.
Just Walk !  Foot massage starts with walking.

MOOV is foot massage walking shoes which provided health foot, body and mind with stimulate on the foot by feel better vibration (No Battery) from just simply walk or running. This technology is the first time and patent in the world and incredible innovation technology.

From now, Enjoy walk and Enjoy foot massage at the same time.
And Get your healthy foot, body and mind.

Vibrate without battery?
Yes! NO Battery! Basically, MOOV vibration chip is not operated from battery or electric device. Just operated from human’s walking or running or movement. Feel a natural massage by stimulating on sole of foot without any battery.
NO Heavy
NO Noisy
NO Trouble
NO Dangerous
NO Charging
NO Temporary

And Save your time and money, and It’s permanent chip with environment-friendly as well. This patent technology is the first time in the world.
MOOV shoes are light, no trouble and very comfortable, also you can put on it anytime, anywhere as applicable in all kinds of shoes.  We will provide various kinds in continuously such as casual shoes, dress shoes, sports shoes, boots, sandals, slippers and so on. Of course, available customized.

Just walk with MOOV, and see what you get ;
Improve blood circulation
Relax of tired muscle and joint
Pain relief
Quick recover of fatigue
Quick recover of dull foot sense
Speed up metabolism
Prevent edema and swell
Provide to stable power walking and well-balanced posture
Induce movement and activity as well as walking and run
Rhythmical lifestyle
Healthy and joyful walking
Blow off stress
Fat away
Save time and money, No need extra time for foot massage

Now, With MOOV, Get your healthy foot, body and mind.

Applicable in all footwear.

The first technology in the world, and Patent registered and/or Patent pending in the worldwide.

Please contact us anytime without any hesitation. If you become to this shoes distributor in your range, you will surely winning in your market.